Used MKS Vacuum Gauges

Used MKS Gauges
Model Service
146A evaluation
146B w/o display evaluation
146B evaluation
146C evaluation
152 evaluation
246 evaluation
246B evaluation
247B evaluation
247C evaluation
250B evaluation
250C-1-D evaluation
250E-4-D-PLO evaluation
252A evaluation
252C evaluation

Used MKS Gauges
Model Service
260MF-1 evaluation
260PS-1 evaluation
260PS-2 evaluation
260PS-3 evaluation
270 evaluation
270A evaluation
270B evaluation
270C-4 evaluation
270C-5 evaluation
270D-4 evaluation
272 evaluation
274 evaluation

Used MKS Gauges
Model Service
286 evaluation
287A evaluation
288 evaluation
290C-01 evaluation
421 evaluation
647B evaluation
647C evaluation
651C evaluation
652D evaluation
655 evaluation
660 evaluation
670 evaluation
919 evaluation
937 evaluation
1249A evaluation
1253 evaluation
PDM evaluation
PDR-C-1B evaluation
PDR-C-1C evaluation
PDR-C-2 evaluation
PVS-2 evaluation

More MKS gauges below.

The Type 270 is a half-rack module that provides power and signal conditioning (oscillator, demodulator, and amplifier) for any of the 600 Series High Accuracy Baratron sensors. The 270-0 has no display for systems where the output can be read elsewhere, such as on a computer data acquisition system or DVM, while the models 270-4 and 270-5 provide front panel digital display of pressure.

The Type 274 provides operation of one, two, or three high accuracy sensors with a single Type 670 Electronics Unit. The 274 provides heater power for temperature-controlled sensors (Types 690, 698, 590). All sensors are kept warmed up and ready for reading by the 670. The 670 can sequentially read any one of the sensors, as selected by a switch on the 670's front panel, or by a remote ground closure.

With the Type 250B/E Gas Inlet Pressure/Flow Control Module. Type 250 B/E process control can be manually adjusted through a front panel potentiometer or remotely programmed with a 0 to 5 VDC analog signal for profile generating. With the multi-set point option a simple ground closure will select one of four preset set points. The basic Type 250 provides a simple analog error meter to show deviation of actual versus desired set point. It is also available with an optional 4 digit LED display which provides a readout of the input transducer signal and eliminates the need for a separate display instrument.

The type 647 controls six mass flow controllers with cards available per your request. The 647A, 647B and 647C replace the 147A, 147B and 147C. View the 647C literature.

Emphasis indicates surplus new. See the MKS Instruments replacement product list. There are also many manuals and other information online at MKS.

We have MKS throttle valves and MFCs in stock. The price of these instruments varies with their cards and accessories.

Surplus New and Used Mass Flow Controllers: MFC


Used Mass Flow Controllers
MKS Gas Flow Rate Price
640A N2 10 SCCM $450
649A He 50 SCCM ask
1150C H2 2.0 SCCM ask
1159A He 100 SCCM ask
1179A N2 50 SCCM ask
1179A N2 100 SCCM ask
1179A O2 200 SCCM ask
1259C Ar 50 SCCM ask
1259C N2 100 SCCM ask
1640A H2O 5 SCCM ask
1679A Ar 200 SCCM ask
1559A N2 200 SCCM ask
2179A* N2 100 SCCM $450
2179A* N2 200 SCCM ask
2259B N2 10 SCCM ask
2259B N2 100 SCCM ask
2259C N2 100 SCCM ask
P5A01 N2 300 SCCM ask

These MFC units are sold as is. Upon purchase, we will ship them directly to MKS for the customer to specify and pay for the exact calibration parameters and tests needed.

Horiba STEC

Used Mass Flow Controllers
STEC Gas Flow Rate Price
SEC-4400 Ar 200 SCCM ask
SEC-4400M CI2 100 SCCM ask
SEC-4400M SIH4 20 SCCM $350
SEC-4400RC* Ar 10 SCCM ask
SEF-7140M N2 2 SLM ask
SEC-7330M Ar 1 SLM ask
SEC-7440M BCI3 100 SCCM ask
SEC-7440M SF6 100 SCCM ask
SEC-F730M Ar 100 SCCM ask
SEC-F730M H2 100 SCCM ask
SEC-F730M He 100 SCCM ask
SEF-V111DM* Ar 15 SCCM ask
SEC-V111DM N2 1 SLM ask
UR-7340MO-UC Ar 1 LM ask


Used Mass Flow Controllers
Tylan Gas Flow Rate Price
FC-260 H2 1 SLPM ask
FC-260* H2 2 SLPM ask
FC-260 H2 10 SCCM ask
FC-260 CL2 50 SCCM ask
FC-260 H2 50 SCCM ask
FC-260 N2 50 SCCM ask
FC-260 Ar 200 SCCM ask
FC-260 H2 200 SCCM ask

Used Mass Flow Controllers
Tylan Gas Flow Rate Price
FC-280 N2 5 SLPM ask
FC-280S N2 10 SCCM ask
FC-280S N2 50 SCCM ask
FC-280S N2 100 SCCM ask
FC-280S N2 150 SCCM ask
2910 N2 100 SCCM ask
FC-2979M O2 20 SCCM ask
FC-2979M SF6 20 SCCM ask
FC-2979M C4F6 30 SCCM ask
FC-2979M CH2F2 50 SCCM ask
FC-2979M C2F6 100 SCCM ask
FC-4900MR TEOS .15 SLPM ask


Used Mass Flow Controllers
UNIT Gas Flow Rate Price
UFC-1000 N2 5 SLM ask
UFC-1000 N2 200 SCCM ask
UFC-1000 N2 500 SCCM ask
UFC-1020 B2H6 200 SCCM ask
UFC-1020 N2 200 SCCM ask
UFC-1020 N2 500 SCCM ask
UFC-1020 SIH4 500 SCCM ask
UFC-1020 SIH4 2,000 SCCM ask
UFM-1100* N2 2 SLM ask
UFC-1100 Ar 50 SCCM ask
UFC-1200A H2 500 SCCM ask
MPC-1300 N2 5 SLM ask
UFC-3550 H2 200 SLM ask


Used Mass Flow Controllers
Model Gas Flow Rate Price
Brooks 5850E Ar 50 SCCM ask
Brooks 5850E O2 5,000 SCCM ask
Brooks 5964-EP Ar 30 SLPM ask
AFC-260 N2 2 SLM ask
AFC-261 N2 10 SLPM ask
FMA-1818ST N2 5 SLPM ask
GFM371 O2 50 SCCM ask
LB-366 N2 10 SCCM ask

Used Mass Flow Controllers
Model Gas Flow Rate Price
M10D N2 100 SCCM ask
M10D Ar 200 SCCM ask
M10D O2 400 SCCM ask
M10D N2 500 SCCM ask
PHM/LBO-100 - - ask
SFC-1480 Ar 1 SLM ask
SFC-1480 N2 100 SCCM ask
SFC-1480 Ar 200 SCCM ask
UC2-21S01 N2 100 SCCM ask

Mass flow controllers marked with an asterisk* indicate we have many in stock.

Used MKS Vacuum Gauges

MKS 170 Gauge
Model Price
116A ask
120AA-00001RA ask
310BHS-100 ask
626A11TBE ask
690A-1TRC ask

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